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Course MTCAV101
AxioVision foundation course
Objectives: Become familiar with commonly used AxioVision features.


  • Loading images

  • Image processing

  • Image annotation

  • Interactive measurements

  • Automatic measurements

  • Scaling's and resolution

  • Shortcuts and usability

  • Acquiring images with good Exposure, Whitebalance Gamma etc.

  • Adding annotations such as a scale bar etc.

  • Customising image measurement tools

  • Customisation: toolbars and workflows

  • Reporting and data output

Microscopy Training Zeiss Products

Course MTCIA101
AxioVision image analysis wizard
Objectives: Use the ‘automeasure’ wizard to analyse images.


  • Each step of the wizard will be explained.

  • Creating and reusing wizard settings.

  • Running in batch mode.

  • Setting Thresholds

  • Selecting Operators

  • Choose measurements for Field & Feature data

  • Choose Frames

  • Reporting methods

Course MTCCM101
AxioVision scripting workshop
Objective: Learn how to use ‘Commander’ or ‘Visual Basic (VBA)’ modules to automate processes and create image analysis solutions.


  • Topics to be discussed based on your requirements.

Course MTCZN101
Zen Blue foundation course
Objectives: Become familiar with commonly used Zen Blue features.


  • Microscope control and ‘settings’.

  • Acquiring images

  • Acquiringtime lapse, Z stack, multichannel, ‘mark and find’ as required)

  • Image display

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