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Design your own microscopy course.

Select from the following suggestions or discuss your requirements with us. We can run our courses on your site using your microscopes, augmented with ours if necessary.

We think it is important to have plenty of tutor guided hands-on sessions. These will be backed up with presentations to explain principles and theory as required.

Microscopy Courses for Life Sciences

Whether you are looking at conventionally stained specimens using transmitted light or epi-fluorescence, you will be looking for consistency and sensitivity. This can only be acheived by using the correct microscope set-up and the optimum filter sets. We will teach you to achieve the optimum image quality by setting Kohler illumination. We will advise you on fluorescence illumination options and how to choose the optimum filter sets.

Microscopy Courses for Materials Sciences

Microscopy applications for materials science are very varied and a good understanding of microscopy techniques is required to achieve the optimum contrast. In addition measurements often have to be made using international procedures for QA/QC purposes. We can explain the theory behind contrast techniques and provide hands-on sesssions to practice each method. We can provide bespoke measurement software to conform to standards such as for grain sizing or particle analysis.

Image Processing and Analysis

Image Analysis is a powerful technique but can involve many methods and tools, making it hard to know where to start. We think it is important to have plenty of tutor guided problem solving sessions. These will be backed up with explanations of image processing principles and theory as required.


If you have Axiovision or Zen from Zeiss, we can help you to use these packages most effectively. You may have specific modules such as Automeasure, Commander, VBA, Open Applications Development (Python). Help is at hand.

Microscopy Sales Training

One to One Training for Microscopy Sales 


  • Appraisal of present microscopy skills

  • In depth and intensive one day course

  • Production of a personal 'skills matrix'

  • The course includes a test at the end and recommendations  for follow up tuition

  • Course development with the client

  • Compatible with all microscopy companies

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