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Microscope Training
Microscope Training, Microscopy Trai
Microscope Training, Microscopy Trai
Microscope Training, Microscopy Trai
grains counted
Microscope Training, Microscopy Trai
materials samples
Microscope Training, Microscopy Trai
Course MTCM101

Foundations of microscopy for materials sciences 

Objective: Understand the basic principles of a reflected light microscope. Become familiar with its components and how to optimise them.


  • What does a microscope do, principles and function.

  • Learn how to optimise its performance.

  • We will discuss the various types of objective lenses. Learn to interpret the information inscribed on them and how to choose the optimum lens for your application. How does NA relate to resolution?

  • Learn how to attach a digital camera to the microscope use it to acquire an image and explain how to optimise its parameters.

  • You will learn how to clean and take care of your microscope.

Course MTCM102
Contrast Techniques for material sciences
Objective: Become familiar with dark field, polarised light and dual interference contrast (DIC) techniques.


  • Understand the principles behind dark field microscopy and the additional components required.

  • Understand the principles behind polarised light microscopy. Learn what each of the components do and how to interpret the images.

  • Understand the principles behind DIC (Normaski) microscopy. Learn what each of the components do and how to set them up correctly.

Course MTCM103
Grain size measurement workshop
Objective: Learn how to use a microscope to measure grain size. Compare intercept, comparative diagrams and grain boundary reconstruction methods.



  • Interpretation of the grain size measurement standards.

  • Setting up the microscope and acquiring images.

  • Introduction to stereology and use of intercept methods.

  • Introduction to image analysis for grain boundary reconstruction.

  • Setting up and using comparative diagrams.

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