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Course MTCASM101

Microscopy foundation course for Sales People

Objectives: Become familiar with the basics of selling optical microscopy.

One to One 


  • Appraisal of present microscopy skills

  • In depth and intensive one day course

  • Production of a personal 'skills matrix'

  • The course includes a test at the end and recommendations for follow up tuition

  • Course development with the client

  • Compatible with all microscopy companies



  • Microscope basic orientation

  • Details of all the components

  • Basic principles and function

  • Resolution and magnification

  • Objective selection

  • Types of microscope, upright inverted stereo etc

  • Brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast techniques

  • Cameras and image capture

  • Microscope control and ‘settings’

  • How to demonstrate a microscope

Who should attend


  • New recruits involved with microscopy sales

  • Area managers and representatives for companies selling products for optical microscopy

  • Internal sales moving to external sales

  • Suitable for materials and biological sales.

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