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Our trainers are all experienced microscopy and imaging professionals who each have many years of experience working in their fields. 


We aim to provide a relaxed but paced approach to training, striking a balance between the participant’s capacity to absorb information and the need to cover topics to an appropriate depth. Wherever possible we will include ‘hands on’ sessions to reinforce the theory.


We take steps to check the progress of each client and will adjust the training to suit their requirements. We appreciate that your time is valuable too and we want you to gain as much as possible from the event.


Above all we want you to work with us in tailoring each course to address the topics which are important to you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Steve Metcalfe

Business Manager

Steve has worked with optical microscopes for the past 30 years. His background in engineering, logical approach to problem solving and inquisitive nature make him an ideal partner for your microscopy requirements. 


After a government (MoD) apprenticeship during which he qualified as an electronics engineer, Steve started ‘Sight Systems’, an imaging company providing innovative solutions for microscopy. Subsequently Steve was appointed as European Product Manager for Microscopy and Imaging products within Buehler, a materials sample preparation company.


Recently Steve has specialised in materials microscopy within Carl Zeiss UK as manager of the Materials Microscopy Division. He has built up a wealth of knowledge about applications and optical techniques both in industry and academia.


Steve is an enthusiastic trainer, eager to share his experience. His wide knowledge and many years of experience brings flexibility and depth to our courses.


Now a principal of Microscopy101




Paul Sheppard PhD

Technical Director

With over 20 years of microscopy experience, Paul Sheppard has an in depth understanding of the subject and related applications. He graduated in Physics and was awarded a PhD in computer imaging techniques applied to medicine.


Paul is an enthusiastic and experienced educator having designed and run several courses on microscopy in academia and industry. He has also authored guide books and training material ranging from the foundations of microscopy to specific applications and techniques both in life sciences and materials science.


Paul is an excellent communicator, able to work with scientists and technicians from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds. He will be able to guide you with practical ‘hands on’ microscopy sessions and also explain the optical principles underlying microscopy.


In addition to optics, Paul’s background in computer image processing and image analysis and his knowledge of various programming environments will help you to create solutions for a wide range of imaging applications. He can introduce increased levels of automation which will lead to higher sample throughput and ultimately a much improved efficiency.


Now a principal of Microscopy101

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