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Calibration Data Certificates

If you measure anything with your microscope you need to now the calibration data, that is the size of the pixels. This data is used to calculate basic information like the scale bar but also all the other measurements you may be relying on. Such as length area diameters angles etc. 

Since these measurements are used to make decisions on quality or performance it is also important to know about the errors that can be expected.

We look at your microscope and produce for you a set of 'calibration data' that outlines the accuracy resolution and repeatability of such measurements.

We use calibrated and traceable stage graticules and create a data table for your exact microscope setup with camera and objective data that will influence the measurements. They can be traced to NPL, NIST or a UKAS accredited laboratory. This work is carried out on your site with your microscope and digital camera and software. Similar information can also be obtained without cameras using an eyepiece graticule along with a stage micrometer.

Many companies are also asked to provide this data as part of a company wide laboratory accreditation to guarantee the companies internal systems are up to standard. Whilst there are no current standards for optical microscope calibration, having access to the appropriate data is important. 

Note that the certificates we provide are not 'validation' of the microscope against a current application. This part still needs to be provided by the microscope users relative to the application in question. They do however prove that you have looked at the data and can demonstrate knowledge of your instruments. This service can also be added to a routine service if required.

If you need more explanation please contact us for a discussion of how we can help with your measurement certainty.

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