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2D IMAGE ANALYSIS SOFTWARE Used by thousands of researchers worldwide, Image-Pro Plus image analysis software makes it easy to acquire images, count, measure and classify objects, and automate your work. As the original 32-bit Image-Pro, this software solution offers microscope control, image capture, measurement, count/size, and macro development tools.


MULTIFACETED IMAGE ACQUISITION SOLUTION Image-Pro Insight is an advanced image acquisition software package controlling a variety of microscopy cameras for capturing the highest quality images, EDF & HDR snapshots, movies, and large tiles. Whether in the materials science research lab, the quality assurance room, or on the manufacturing floor, Insight’s semi-automated measurement and editing tools enable customers and extract quantifiable data for effective comparison, reporting , and sharing.


2D IMAGE ANALYSIS SOFTWARE CAPTURE, PROCESS, COUNT, CLASSIFY, MEASURE AND SHARE. A powerful and customizable imaging platform driven by over 30 years of user feedback, the new Image-Pro Premier offers native 64-bit support, a user friendly interface and a suite of 2D measurement solutions. Rely on our worldwide network of Image-Pro partners, superb training tools, and technical support team to help you get started and keep your research moving forward.


Powerful 3D Image Analysis Software 3D image analysis software designed for research professionals who need to view and measure structures in a variety of spatial or temporal image dimensions. Image-Pro Premier 3D is unique because it delivers all the essential 3D analysis tools in one easy-to-learn and use software package.


Affordable, Clear Images In A Fraction Of The Time As the preferred deconvolution standard, AutoQuant X3, is the most complete package of 2D and 3D restoration algorithms available. AutoQuant X3 makes it simple to deconvolve image sets and visualize them in time, Z, and channel, and analyze all parameters within the same, easy to use application. Now, the easiest to use, most reliable deconvolution package on the market just got better.

New Product AutoQuant X3 with GPU processing.

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